Scout welcomes ‘evrywun’ to Every Day in May 2021

Hallow please,

Yes it’s me, Scowt. I am bak to help yew to be motervaitid for Evry Day in May twenteetwentee wun!

It hafs bin two yeers sinss we awl did this toogether and I downt mynd saying that I haffs gone kwyte grey on my muzzel. Witch is not supprysing dew to the fact that I havs to liv threw lokdown with the angzyetty of three cats, me’s sista Lotty, ay chippin IN THE HOWWS and a hole flock of chippins in the garden, inclooding Trevva the cockrel who got born out of AN EGG larst yeer in owr rabbit hutch. I havvunt been abel to eet eggs sinnss.

Sow this yeer we are doing Evry Day in May for two charrertiz witch are clowse to my hart. The first wun is Samarituns ❤️ Samarituns are always thare on the tellyfone for ennywun who is feeling fed up, sad, lownly, wurrid and at the end of thare tether. Thay pik up the fone evry seven secunds to tawlk to peeple and help them to feel vallyew-bul and better. I no loads mor peeple havs bin feeling down in the parst yeer bcos thay havs lost luvs wuns or thare jobs or thay are jusst missing peeple and beeing able to gow owt (hug) and sumtymes it awl feels like too mutch to taik. I suffa from angzyety myself witch is why I love Samaritan kinds of peeple.

The sekkund cahrritee is World Land Trust hoos paitrun is my roll model, Dayvid Attunbra <3 Wot thay do is to pruttect vunnerabl habbytats awl ova the wurld, ware animals live and ware b-yewtiful trees and plarnts grow witch helps us to get rid of awl the see -oh-two fumes from hairaplanes and hair condiishunning and evrything. Thay pay peeple to be rangers in wild places to pruttect the animals and plarnts that live thare from peepul with big masheens who cut down thare howmes. This is what my Dayvid sez abowt them:

The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.
Sir David Attenborough 💚

Sow yes then. We can awl gow owt in May and appreeshee ate nature – buttaflys, bees, tinkly burd sownds, streems, fresh air ikksettra and at the same tyme help peeple and the plannit. I am mor than harf way threw my lyfe now and by the time I gow to rainbow bridge I wood love to see things change and for awl animals and peeple to be happy and for thare to be lots of plaissis for koalas and arrangatangs to live.

Lets do this.

Downt forget I love yew

From Scowt xx

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