Who is Nuush?

Hi! I’m Sally and I own Nuush

I have a passion for helping people to feel their best. I’m a level 4 qualified Nutrition Adviser and Personal Trainer and an undergraduate in nutritional therapy. For more than 25 years I have supported thousands of people to get to their healthiest and stay there.

My aim is to bring the joy back to healthy eating, using the Mediterranean diet as a basis. The Med diet is backed by robust evidence and is an inclusive rather than a restrictive way to eat.

I help people love their lives and get the most out of them, naturally. To go outdoors and chill or be active without having to record distance, speed, intensity or time. To practise functional fitness by carrying out life’s daily tasks such as gardening, walking the dog, walking to the shops or cycling to work. To love and take solace in the natural world and spend valuable time with people who are important to them.

Nutrition plans

With Nuush’s weekly nutrition plans I help people get the healthy results they want, supported by a professional nutrition adviser and a buzzing Facebook community, while supporting them to make gentle changes to food and lifestyle that they can continue with for always. I believe in giving people knowledge and dispelling diet fads to keep them happy and healthy for always, without even thinking about it.