Every Day in May FAQ


How do I register?
You can register here.

Is the event free to enter?
Yes it’s totally absolutely free 😀

There has been no registration fee since 2017 so there’s literally no excuse for not taking part!

Is there a minimum age for entry?
Yes – minimum entry age is 18.


Do I have to fundraise?
Yes but anything from a penny to a few hundred pounds is ace!

There’s no big individual target, we do this as a team. We hope you will be inspired to help Samaritans or World Land Trust, both of whom are doing incredible things to support people, animals and habitats.

Is there a minimum fundraise amount?
No. You simply raise as much as you can. Our event charities, and Nuush will be thankful for all money raised no matter how large or small.

Can I raise money for a different charity?
We are super-keen that everyone raises money for the chosen two charities and that we do it as a team. We thought long and hard about them and they each affect all of our lives and futures in one way or another.

Our primary aim to raise a shedload of money for worthy causes so whoever you decided to fundraise for, pull all your stops out and have fun!

How do I set up a charity page on JustGiving?
It’s really straightforward to set up a fundraising page and JustGiving have excellent help pages to guide you through the process, but if you’re really stuck email us and we will try to help.

It’s really important that you join your page to our team page. Doing so links your JustGiving page to the team pot and so we can all benefit from everyone else’s fundraising kudos as the event progresses – being able to talk about how much money the team is raising really helps with promoting all our efforts.


What do I do with cash or cheque donations?
You should follow the advice from JustGiving on what to do with money that you have raised offline.

Taking part

How fit do I need to be?
Almost everyone, regardless of current fitness level, should be able to cover 5km or 30 minutes or exercise every day, but if you’re planning to run or cycle or swim you will need a good basic level of fitness.

If you’re daunted by the challenge – don’t be! You can do it!!

You can swap your activity each day – so maybe run for a couple of days and then walk or cycle or do something less strenuous so long as you cover a minimum of 5km or 30 minutes.

If you’re planning on doing the 10k challenge you need a very good level of running or cycling fitness and experience. You need to be confident that you can cover 43 miles a week at a steady pace without a rest day four weeks in a row – you are probably someone who has trained and raced long distance.

In what ways can I take part?
You can choose any self-propelled method of movement – we very much want to stress that this is not just a running event!

As long as you move the time or distance just using your own body power that’s great. Could be walking, kayaking, skating, space-hoppering (!), swimming, rolling, pogo-ing, running, cycling, rollerblading, canoeing, skipping, wheelchairing, hopping, scootering, jumping, tumbling, other things that end in ‘ing’!

Granted, some of these you probably wouldn’t want to do for 5 metres let alone 5km but self-propelled just means anything you are comfortably (and safely) able to do using your own steam and sense of fun.

But the whole idea is to raise funds for charity so it’d be very awesome if you to set up a JustGiving page, joined our team and got all your friends to sponsor you!

If you aren’t intending to fundraise that’s OK. It’d be very great if you joined in all the social aspects of the event – we’re pretty lively on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We ask you to be patient with our emails about fundraising – we tend to get a bit bossy!

What do you mean by self-propelled?
Self-propelled just means anything you are comfortably, and safely, able to do for 5k or 10k using your own steam and sense of fun.

Could be moonwalking, hop-skip-and-jumping, rollerblading, canoeing, skateboarding and so on. Realistically most people will walk, run or swim – which is fabulous! – but you don’t have to stick rigidly to the either the distance or the activity day in day out.

And you don’t have to do it all in one block. You can split it up through the day by going for a walk during your lunch break then jogging when you get home. Or walking to and from work during the week and then cycling with your mates on a Saturday and swimming on a Sunday. Vary it up however you like!

Can I split the challenge over one day?
Very much so!

This is especially encouraged if you are unused to physical activity. Perhaps towards the end of the event you could try a day or two covering the time or distance in one go and see how you get on.

Can I have rest days?
No. The point of the challenge is that you do the distance or activity every day in May. You can do it!

Remember that you can swap daily activities at any time. You don’t have to commit to running or swimming or pram-pushing every day. The activities can vary as much as you like as long as you cover a minimum of 5km or 30 mins each day.

If your energy levels are low try doing something less strenuous for a day or two and then go back to your preferred method of self-propulsion.

What if I am injured?
You should seek the advice of a medical professional or physiotherapist and decide with them whether it is safe for you to start, or continue with, the challenge.