Kccchhh kchhhhh come in please…kchhhhhhh HELLOW??! Oh thare yew are! How comes you still havs ...
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Day 8. Bin day.

Hello gyze Wot even time is it? 08:35am and I downt ewsjully get up till harfeleven but mum said I h...
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I hait goodbys

Hallo to all the verry speshul peepl who are reeding this who took part in evrydayinmay. Awlso hallo...
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EDIM Day fyve

“Shnnnooorr SHNNNORRRRRR SHHHNNNOOOORRRRRR” “Wot? Hoozzat?? Wot even day is it please?...
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EDIM Day wun

Yes helo can yew heer me? Waik up plees, its me, Scowt sheepdog and I hav things to say to yew. Furs...
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Butty I miss you

Hallow frends, It is with a sad and hevvy hart, and many tearplops, that I havs to impartch the news...
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