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Wouter de Haas

Participant story: Wouter de Haas

In memoriam, Peter de Haas, my Dad I lost my Dad in 2011 to liver cancer, which, to be brutally honest, he brought upon himself. Decades of excessive alcohol consumption will do that, won’t it. From heavy drinking to total abstination overnight What’s still up to this very day is hard to swallow though is […]
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Lee Williams' story

Participant story: Lee Williams

Lee tells us about why he stopped thinking about it and started doing it Every Day in May. Every Day in May, for Jock So I’ve been umm’ing and ahh’ing over whether to sign up for Every Day in May. It’s something that is challenging enough for me personally and also a good cause. I […]
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Participant story: Sally Pinnegar

Sally started Every Day in May back in 2012 in memory of her mum – the whole event is really inspired by Sylvia Haeger. But this year Sally’s sister in law passed away after a very short battle with motor neuron disease. Every Day in May, for Chris A couple of months ago my brother Greg lost […]
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Thomas Johnston

Participant story: Thomas Johnston

I’ve been taking part in Every Day in May for several years now and this year I’m doing it in memory of two special women. Every Day in May, for mum [btx_image image_id=”19059″ link=”/” position=”center”][/btx_image] A given really! Mum was beyond special. It’s impossible to overestimate her importance in my life. It was difficult to see […]
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