Every Day in May


Every Day in May is a charity event created by fitnaturally.

It's the best excuse ever to have some time to yourself every day and get a bit fitter and happier! It's in May (obvs)so you can do it outdoors with the birds and butterflies.

All you have to do is move your beautiful bod five kilometres every day of the month, or ten if you're well 'ard, using your own power. Walk, shuffle, skate, wottevs! We're so nice that we even let you split it into two seshs a day maybe for school runs or commutes.

It's 100% free to join and you can choose to raise a bit of money for your favourite charity or for fitnaturally's fave charity, Dimbleby Cancer Care.

It's free, it's fit, it's fresh air!

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Every Day in May 2018

Scout, doing EDIM 2018
Donate to Scout
Sally, doing EDIM 2018
Donate to Sally

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