Every Day in May

2021 registration coming soon

This year, more than any, we all need to get some freedom into our souls and what better than to have a fab excuse to escape outdoors every single day of the month. Just you and the flowers, sky, trees and birds. 

Even better you can help us to make lots of money for this year’s featured charity (still to be decided but likely to do with mental health). Don’t worry, there are no big personal goals to achieve, you can raise £1 or £1000, we’re not fussy because it’s a big happy team effort as always. You can also opt to fundraise for your own charity.

What even is it though?
You pledge to move outdoors under your own body power for 30 mins or 5km or 10km or a combination that takes your fancy every day of the month. It’s the every day bit that will set you apart as an awesome human!

Can’t wait to do Every Day in May with you on the team. Mean time, lots of love.

Sally and Nuush

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