We haffs finnished evryday in May!

If yew can fill the unforgivvingk minnit
With sixtee seccunds wurth of distance run
Yors is the erth and evrything thats innit
And wot is more yewl be ay man, my sun

Hallow then,

Yes is me, Scowt, and thats ay powim mum tells to me ay lot, its by Rudyard Kiplingk, he awlso bakes ekseedingly good caiks, espeshlly baikwell tart, but I dy-gress…

Ennyway, tooday is my saddest day of the yeer becos its when we haffs finnished evryday in May and eevun thow I am sow happy that we did it I am awlso melon-colly becos I miss awl of you. I miss yor pikchurs of awl yor hot faisses and grimissis and Mum gowing:

“Ohw Scowty, look at Thomarto in his funny glarsses, bwahahaha!” or:

“Scowteeee, come heer and look at ware Lora lives by the seeside, doesn’t it look ay-mayzink!! And she has the kewtest littel boy and gurl, Ee-ly and Carris, look at thare gawjuss faices!!”

I will awlso miss having an exxtra dinner each day and Mum sayingk:

“Scowt, now shoosh plees, okay, yew sit by the bak dor while I gow into man’s offiss and fynd his stash of seecrit Dyjjestivv bisskits so we can awl haffs wun with owr cuppas” I love Dy-jjestiffs yew see but muvva dusent by them in case we awl get grate big tummys.

We havs had kwyte an evventful week since my last blogg becos (a) we had fishan chips from the chipshop (b) someone got eetun by a tyger in the villij up the road *wurry* and (c) mum felled in a grate big bed of stinging metals with bear legs, OOOCH it looked paneful! (a) was my fayvrit as yew probally gessed. I awlsow helped kleen the chippins and cokrels owt but I got towld off becos I went into thare hutch and hakksidently skwashed awl the eggs. Doh.

I am only trying to disstract yew from this sad day. I howp it wurked bcos I hait to see you awl teerplopful. But if yew took part in evrydayinmay lissen plees.

Has.ennywun.ever.towld.yew.yew.are.ORESUM?? ❤️

Let me say awl the grate things a-bowt yew:

  • Yor hare looks luvly
  • Yew are warm and kynd
  • Yew give up yor tyme to help uthers eevun thow yew haffs lots of woshink to do
  • Yew like reeding dogs bloggs, tharefour I love yew
  • Yew are FIT, oh em jee look at yor thyes!
  • Yew cair abowt peeple and like raisin munny to help them
  • Yew probally like towst the same as me

If ennywun wood lyke a refrence plees arsk me, and I will accept Dyjjestivvs in return.

Thank you evvrywun from the bottom of my hart, I downt know wot I will do withowt yew for a nuther yeer, I awlways wunder wot yew are dooing and miss yew sow mutch. Please may yew join owr Faissbook owtdorsy group Fyve Gow Wyld so I wownt haf to miss yew, becos then we can shair pikchursof owrselfs chaissing rabbits ikksettra.

Until then, heer are awl my shnozz kisses, tail thwacks, muddy pawprints on yor carpit and of corse awl my love, and that is ay lot.

I love yew awlways and frevver til the cows come howm (I am scaired of cows bcos I got chaised by them but that is another storee and mum says I haffs to gow to bed now).

Pleese downt forget me.

Love from Scowt xxxxx