Participant story: Thomas Johnston

I’ve been taking part in Every Day in May for several years now and this year I’m doing it in memory of two special women.

Every Day in May, for mum

Thomas Johnston

A given really!

Mum was beyond special. It’s impossible to overestimate her importance in my life. It was difficult to see her health deteriorate, especially towards the end, but she never lost her spirit while her body was failing her. I miss her every day.

During her illness she was helped by – and always spoke very highly of – the awesome people at Northern Ireland Hospice. I’m delighted, and privileged, to be able to use my ongoing good physical health to raise money for their continued work in her name.


Every Day in May, for Helen Walker

Helen Walker

Helen Walker was a unique and precious person, with a naughty, infectious sense of humour. Pretty sure that’s why we clicked!

She passed away in March 2017 after a long fight with cancer. She’s linked with mum in a sad sort of way because her funeral was the same day as mum’s anniversary.

Singing and music were huge in Helen’s life and it was a joy to be able to hear her week after week as part of the choir in Down Cathedral. The cathedral needs an eye-watering £125,000 to clean, repair and restore it’s organ so it’s my privilege and honour to take part in Every Day in May in Helen’s memory so that others can continue to hear such uplifting sounds in Down Cathedral for decades to come.