Participant story: Sally Pinnegar

Sally started Every Day in May back in 2012 in memory of her mum – the whole event is really inspired by Sylvia Haeger. But this year Sally’s sister in law passed away after a very short battle with motor neuron disease.

Every Day in May, for Chris

A couple of months ago my brother Greg lost his wife, and my nieces Heidi and Anna and their children lost their mum and nanny to MND. Chris hadn’t been feeling right for about 18 months, and where she was always VERY talkative and always telling amusing stories she gradually lost her ability to speak properly or swallow. In October last year Chris and Greg got the awful news that it was MND, and it seemed to be the fast-moving one. There was nothing that could be done.

There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to this disease; Chris was health conscious and clean-living, it came out of nowhere and did its cruel deed, leaving everyone shellshocked and devastated and leaving Greg without his best friend and soul mate.

As a family we still cannot believe Chris has gone and every day I run 10km, for 31 days in a row, I will think about her and tie one of her beloved scarves to a tree that I run to <3

In this way we can keep Chris with us every day and raise money to help bring this horrid disease to an end, as well as supporting people who are going through it.