Butty I miss you

Hallow frends,

It is with a sad and hevvy hart, and many tearplops, that I havs to impartch the news that me’s speshl sista Butty, the Jack Russhole, has gone to be a tiny whiskery angel in the sky.

Heer yew are – haffs a tishoo xxx

Yes, Butty (reel name Nutmeg but I used to call her ‘Buttmeg’, and then we shawternd it to ‘Butty’. Kennel naim ‘Madame du Sandwich’) hasn’t been feeling very well for a few weeks now. She kepton swaying when she tryed to walk over to my bowl and steel my food and then she would gallump over on her side and her legs would go all stiff and twitchy and she would cry (and, which was the eggciting part, do a wee and poo at the same time). The V.E.T. said it was ‘sees yas’. She said Butty mite hav a brane chewmer 🙁 ENNYWAY, we decided to taik her on a luvly hollerday to Norfulk at Eestertide (I thought I better put an ‘L’ in Norfulk or mum wood tel me off for swaring!) and evry day we took her to the beech and eether mum or me’s hewman brother, Rory, wood carry her and say “BUTTY you. is. A. LUMP!!!” One day mum put her in a big rugsack and she wos kwite the little princess poking her head out with her lovely velvitty eers bobbing up and down. She wared all hur beeotifool cowts that Arnty Karen from Essix nitted for hur. It was hur last hollerday :’-( but it wos very speshul and I wil never forget it. I love you Butty xxxx

I downt know if yous know how we got Butty. Wot happend wos that she was ABANDUND at the age of thurteen. Some horrbl yung cupple, who mum calls ‘The Bum Hols’ decided thay coodnt be botherd with Butty any more and gave hur in withowt a bakwood glarnce, to Wonky Pets Rescoo. I normally say ‘Wonky Pets’ a bit diffrunt but Mum wood tel me off again….. Muvva seed Butty on Faissbook and wos like “AWWW just LOOK at the por likkle darlin!” Nexfing we were wizzering up the A1 kwiksharp in the Fee-Esta and we had rescoomalated hur. She had had hur fur shaived off, evun onn hur deer little faiss, and she didunt harf STINK! Oh Em Gee! Cloves pegs on da schnozz job!!

Butty, who was called the boring and unhimaginitivv name for a Jack Russhole of ‘Jackie’ at the time, immeeddiatly fell in deep love with Mum and wood never let hur owt of hur site. If Mum even moved a nintch Butty would skitter owt of hur barskitt and look up at mum with hur big brown eyes (well one was a bit clowwded over but…) and Mum wood havs to taik hur wherever she wos going, evun into the LOO!!!!!!!! If Mum had a barth, there wood be Butty, on the little barth mat next to hur, looking up at hur. Then she wood wosh mum hurself. Onnistly – she was a little angel.

Diss week Butty got wurse. She coodunt eet hur food, she wos so sleepy and tired. Mum and me took hur owt for hur fayvrit drive arownd the bak roads ware she used to hunt mices, and she just flopd on Mum’s lap and didunt eevun wosh hur arm like normal. We took hur to the V.E.T’s again, mum wos blubberink and I wos sow wurried, but Ann the luvly V.E.T. gived hursome speshl tablicks for hur sees-yas (and givd mum sum tishoos), but thay juss made hur more sleepy. Then on Wensday nite Butty went to Rainbow Bridge, which wos the saddest moment in my life sow far. I sniffed hur little furry face and she wasn’t likking my schnozz like normal, and I knew….

Me and Mummy took her up to a little glade where we all used to sit. Butty wos in her fayvrit barskitt, rapped in one of Mum’s hoodees wiv mums smels on it, and with wun of hur little cowts on to keep hurwarm. We made a speshl plaice for hur, and I got some sticks and dropd them in and ran about and hakksidently tripped up into the hole, but she wood hav thawt that wos SO funny. Then mummy cried and hugged hur and showed hur the sun in the sky and took hur to hur fayvrit tree and kissed it bye bye. We made hur resting plaice very beautiful with brantches and stones and a wooden cross owt of twigs, and we put sum flowers thare that our Arnty Loo-eesa from Cornwoll had sent. And we sat and cried bukkits for a long time befor we went home.

Now we go up thare twice a day to see Butty and tell hur wot has been happening, (like abowt Peppo an Minty sleeping on awl her beds and cooshuns!) and that we miss hur terribly, we miss hur little pitterpatter paw sounds, and hur kippa breth, and her snors, and just hur endliss love.

It just happuns  that Butty’s resting place is eggzakkly fivekay from owr howse, and sow this yeer for Evry Day in May, we will be running to it, an back home for owr tenkay evry day in May. This wun is awl for owr sweet Butty Nutmeg.

Butty we miss you so very much. We will always love you and think of you every day, until forever.

Until we all meet again at Rainbow bridge, all owr love and shnozz kisses and squeezes and eer nibbls and paw shnuffls.

Love and nose likks from your bruther, Scowt XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Nutmeg Unknown date 2001 – 14 April 2016.