Participant story: Lee Williams

Lee tells us about why he stopped thinking about it and started doing it Every Day in May.

Every Day in May, for Jock

So I’ve been umm’ing and ahh’ing over whether to sign up for Every Day in May. It’s something that is challenging enough for me personally and also a good cause.

I finally got tipped over into the “definitely going to do it” after a recent bereavement to cancer when we – our family – lost our self proclaimed Godfather, Grandad Jock. Cancer isn’t just bad, it’s ball-kickingly ferocious, particularly towards then end. You watch the people you love become a shell of what they once were. Now that is hard.

There was a good send off for Jock where we cried, laughed, and loved. There was a collection for Cancer Research and that is grand.

But, for me, I wanted to do something above and beyond that. I’m using fitnaturally for my nutrition and they also run this charity event. Sally details the reasons for its existence more eloquently than I can here.

The premise is simple, you move yourself 5km, at least, per day using your body (if you’re feeling brave you can aim for at least 10 km) – so that’s things like walking, or running, swimming, cycling, whatever – just moving using your own power.

Yes – that means at least 5km of activity EVERY day! Those that know me, know this is a massive undertaking. I’m in a better place than I was end of last year to achieve this, and I’ll be letting no-one down, least of all Jocky-boy 🙂