I hait goodbys

Hallo to all the verry speshul peepl who are reeding this who took part in evrydayinmay. Awlso hallo to evrywun reeding this who doughnaitid to our fund raisin. Together we has klekted TEN THOWSUN POWNDS for all the peepl at Gys and Santommass Hopsital who need help from the lovely peepl at the cancer care sentur of Dimballby Cancer Care.

Nextofall hallo to ennywunn els reeding this – you look nice in those japamas tonight.

Well then, we havs had our last day of the event yestaday, witch always feels kwite EMOSH as mum says. Mum is verry emosh as a persun but she dusnt show it to menny peepl, she hydes it by doing Paddingtun stares. But I know bcos on owr runs she chitters away abowt this that and the other, has a little larf, a little cry, and a little talk to the trees sumtimes if sumthing has upset hur silly hart. At the end of ‘evryday’ mum gets VERY emosh and instedd of running a head of hur I awlways stay rite next to hur so she feels the lurve. If she lays down on the grarss to gaiz at the sky wistfoolly I awlways shnuffl hur ears to let hur know I am thare for hur like she is for me. Lissun tho, the wurst news, at the end of the thurtyfurst of May I had to have TWO BATHS 🙁 I wos not happy, and now I smel of baybee pampshoo. Please see pikkchur for evvy dense of my mood.

I howp evrywun enjoyed tayking part; I know I loved looking at yor pikchurs on Instagrandge and Face book. I could see you were trying REELY hard as you sumtimes looked kwite red and dish evelled as if you had been on a hot wosh at the lawn drette. Hay tho – I bet your legs are still hurting? I know mine are and I havs four of them all hurting together!

Juring the last cupple of weeks of the ivvent …….drumrowwwl…….. I GOT A NEW SISTA!! Oh EM Gee! Wot happend wos that mummy wos trying to get a howmliss dog from the dog howms awl over evryware but eech time she tried she got “Oh. Yew havs cats???? SORREE” “Oh yew havs chikkins. SORREE.” “Oh yew run evry day. SORREE, bad for dogses leggs blah blah SORREE.” “Oh. Thares a ‘Y’ in the day. SORREEEEEE.” In the end mum slammed da fone down and said “Scowtee boy I BLUDDY WELL GIVE UP! I carnt get a reskew doggy for luv nor munny! Down’t thay know I is the biggest dogluvver in the hole wyde wurld fur Godsaiks??!” It wos a nordeel. But suddenly wun morning owr naibor, Pawl, nokked on the window and showd us a pritty little spring spanyul (Hubba hubba) and sed “This is Macey. Macey is sposed to be a gun dog (EEK! That wos me saying eek, not Pawl) but shees not going to maik it.” Macey hopped down from Pawl’s truck and sniffd my derryair, and vysaversa, and that wos it. She moovd in a few days later. Macey is now cawld LOTTIE, well that’s wot Mum cawls hur, I keep cawling hur LOTTERY by akksident… Lottery says HALLOW evrywun! But verry kwyetly as shees very shy.

Oh no. Mum says I havs to go to bed now as I have had a long day as my arnty Soosan came to visit and she can tawlk the hynd legs off a donkee. Mummy maid hur sum towst for dinner, Mum luvs to cook for visitors…. and Arnty Soo gave me lots of it because she is very affekshnut to me, hur speshliest neff yew. HALLOW ARNTEE SOO! XXXXX

Lissun plees. Have a lovely rest. Yew disserv it. Yew are wundeful, luvly, caring, hardwurking, kind, considrutt, and very good looking and FIT – look at yew! Legs like Mow Farrer!

Lastlee, if yew are wun of the peeple who needs Dimbulbee Cancer Cair I, and all of us in the teem, love yew very mutch and are sow prowd to have raised all this munny so you can get some hugs and TLC.

Til nextime, I love yew.