Hallow then

Good day evrywun, eye hav missd yoo if eye awlreddy no yoo, if I downt no yoo, hallo licks on yor nose,

So ennyway, its neerly May AGAIN. This wil be my therd may that eye hav been alyve so far and my therd Evry Day in May. So I am a vetterun, runs under the taible shaiking bcos haits the veterunariuns

This yeer mum sez we arr wurking for a diffrunt charritee, she sez its a stroke charrittee. Oh emm gee, I nevva new ther was a charity for stroking, its abowt tyme (Mum just tappd my shnozz and sed “NO SCOWTY, its ay STROKE charritty!! For peeple hoo arnt well and hav had a narsty thing happen in their hed cawld ay STROKE!!!* Ohhhhhh Okaaay then, keep yer hare on Mum. (Nex mood swing too minnits)

I am wel fit bcos I juss traynd for a marrowthong with muvva, we rund habslootly myles and mum hid snax arownd the countreeside so we coold stop and have taisty pikniks. I got to no ware she wood hyde the nikpik and I used to run ahed and sit thare shnuffling it til mum caim lumbering up doing 9 minnit miles (my paice is abowt 4mins per myle on a bad day) So yeh, eye am rairing to get startid and hellp to mowtervait you.

I jus wont to tel yoo wot eye am havving for tee toonite. No, its not sgabetty golernaise, mye fayvrit, its sossidge an mash wiv unnyan graivee. I need to bild my strengf up. I jus went owtsyde and ait sum caik mum had thrown owt for the chickkins, lucklee she didunt see me……….

So then, yoo betta starrt limbring up now. I wil be chekkin yor stats evry nite on the websyte but eye am not jujjmental.

Thank yoo for joining in.

I love yoo alreddy.

Scout x x x