Hallo then

Ennywun hoo sponsurs me gets sent a vertchul lick on thare shnozz and can share my bone if thay evva come rownd

Crums I carnt berleev its tyme for anuther evryday inmay, can yew?!

So wot has bin happning to me in the larst yeer I heer yew arsk. Well, I hav still bin running every singl day with mum, chaising hairs, eeting sheep poos, hyding from the chikkens in caiss thay eet me and wurst of all mum rescewd two kittuns, gah! I HAIT kittuns! Thay ar cawld Pepper and Minty and thay make havoc evryware they go. Like they emptee owt all the porrijj oats, they eet the chikkins food, they come up to me and start pressing me with thare paws trying to get milk owt of me! SCOWT HATES KITTUNS! Wurst of awl is Mum is awl ova them lyke ay rash! Like “Oh Peppo you is SO sweet and FUNNY, ha ha har! Oh just LOOK at you Minteeee, look at your little fluffty face AWWWWWW, kiss kiss kissssssss, mwahhhhhr!” Wot even is the point of kittuns?!

Lucky for me I get mum awl to myself on Evry Day in May, because Butty, me’s sista (Jack Russole, 14, smells, ishoos!) is too old to run, the stewpid kittens can’t come and the chikkins wood get eeten by Mista Foxy – hmmm thare’s ay thought…………….

So this yeer we are dooing this for Dimbulby Cancer Cair. Thay are very helpful to peeple who have cancer and they have ay plaiss where the peeple can go and talk to other peepl who are gowing thru the same thing as well as getting advyce about how to cope with the wurries, getting lovely complimentry therapees, and just having peeple thare for them awl the time to lissun and help and undastand. I am sow happy we are supporting them as well because my nanna Sylvia, who went to hevvun becos of cancer, yewsd to go to  that hopsital – Guys and St Thomas – to have sum treemunt, as wel as at the Royal Marsden, who we havs awlreddy raised THURTY FYVE THOWSUND POWNDS for. This yeer we want to raise a REELY big amownt of munny for Dimbulby Cancer Cair. HUGE. MASSEEV. MAHOOSEEV!

Sow come on evryone. Lets dooo this!

I love you

Scowt XXX

Pee ess, Oh em jee, mum is on da fone to the Colly rescoo peeple, she is saying “Yes yes, of course we wood LOVE to foster Sammy the Collydog!” Wotch diss spaiss!

Pee pee ess ess. Please sponsurs me becos I love you and you look sow nyce in that jumpa tooday xxxxx