EDIM iz heeeeer agen!

Deer Evvrywun

Has you missed me? Well don’t wurry, I am bak! Another yeer older and more hansum, if that’s eevun possiball.

Are you all rairing to go? I bet you look luvly in your every day in may teeshurts, what doo you mean you downt hav wun yet?? Oh em jee! (Mum did I do that rite?)

Wel what has been happning in the larst yeer I heer you ask. The big news is I haffs a new sista. She is a springa spanghole called Lottery (Mum here, she’s called Lottie but Scout can’t say that!) At furst I thawt she smelt funny and she wos pritty annoyink always wanting to nibble my eers and snuffle up to me on the sowffa but arfter a wile we fell in love. It was when Lottery got a reely atrractiv smel one day and all of a sudden I thought “Ooh I mite like to make some puppies with hur!” <3 Mum kept showting at me “Scowty you is a massive plophead yous had your klackers chopped, you aint goin nowhere with that thang!” But I kept trying anyway….. Have you even seen a Sprollie, THEY. IS. SOW. KEWT!!

Ennyway, this yeer I am still running for the lovely Dimbulby Cancer Cair sow that peeple with cancer can get all the help they need to live their lives – in memory of my nanna. Mummy is running for the Mota Newrone Dizeez Assosyayshun because me’s Arnty Christine went to hevvun this yeer becos of the stewpid horrble thing, and Uncl Greg and me’s cousins Heidi and Anna are missingk her so much. Motonewronedizeez¬†can bogoffs.

Lissin I has to go now becos mum is feeding the cats, Pepper, Herbie and Minty and I like to shnuffle in thare bowls when they is finished. Which reminds me, I need wun of mummy’s hellffy eeting plans because I seem to haffs put on a few pounds since larst yeer as I keep eetingk evrywun elses’ dinnoms, inkluding the chikkins’ brekkfust.

Welcom to the start of Effry Day in May twentisevunteen!!!

I love you you know

Scowt XXX