EDIM Day fyve


“Wot? Hoozzat?? Wot even day is it please??!”

Sorry evrywun, I wos just FARRST a sleep when I herd you reeding this Sclog (that meens Scowt Blog in case yew didunt no). I wos dreeming of the hair I wos chaising erlier up the feelds on owr tenkay. Wot happens is that Mum spots a hair (she awlways says I am “as blynd as a bat Scowtee boy!”) and then she showts “PUSSY CATZ!!!!!!” They ar the wordss mummy uses wen it’s tyme for me to chaiss or attakk. Immeediuttly she says those speshl wurds I gow hurtling off like a rockkit. Wun day larst yeer, jewring harvisst it wos, me and muvva were warking a long in a feeld and mum sawd this man she didunt lyke  the look of (maiks a change), so she showted “PUSSY CATZ!” but she did it quietly in my eer sow the weerdy man didunt heer. Well I has never seed a hewmun run a way sow kwickly wen he sawd me with my eers and tale up on red alert hurkling towards him at five hundred miles an owr with my grate big fangs showing!! Nobody messes wiv my mum. NOPE SIR-EE DOWNNT EEVUN THINK A BOWT IT MAN!
ANYWAY, this is ment to be abowt Evry Day in May, not abowt my advarnsed chaissing skillz innit tho.

Sow then, I bet awl your legs are hurting arnt they? I know mine are and it wurrss wen you have four of them hurting awltogether. I hav been chekking your piktures on Instagrannge, Faissbook and Twitto, well thats wen I can get a look in bcos Mum is constuntly stairing at her fone gowing “OH SCOWTY HA HA it’s Helen and PAT RICK on thare verlogg again and look at PAT RICK, OH PAT RICK, OH I LUVVVV PAT RICK, look at his luvvly chubby cheeks, I WONNT TO EET PAT RICKS CHEEKS SCOWTY!!!!!” Anyway, I am luvving awl of your piktures, yew are awl so a mazing and fit and happy and help full. I seed a vid eeo from Mr Thomarto and it made me cry and it made mummy cry (nuffing new thare, she awlways blubbink abowt some por hedgehog or sumthing). It made us cry becos it reminded us that cancer takes people’s mummys and nannas (my nanna) and thare families who thay love. Sow aktcherlly I downt even mind that awl four of my legs hurt. I woodent mind even if I had elevunty twelve legs and thay awl hurt, becos it’s worth hurty legs if we can help peeple who have cancer to feel a bit better and happier.

Sow reely I just wonnt to say thank yew for having hurty legs and thank yew for having a lovely hart witch makes you have the hurty legs in the fursst plaice.

Howp that helps (HTH)

Awl my love until the stars go owt.

Love from Scowt xxxxx