EvryDay in May too fowsand sixteen

Deer evrybody.

If yew downt alreddy no me my name is Scowt and I am the mass cot of Evry Day in May. Hallow, nice to meet you, I like your hare.

Ennyway, EvryDay in May meens I get speshl snaks and that mum taiks lowds of fotergrarfs of me eeting sheep poo or running a long with treetrunks. Two of my fayvrit things. Mum and I (mum towld me it’s Mum and I, not mum and ME even thow I wonntid to put ME but she is teetching me propper Inglish) run tenkay every singl day in May and we hav dun it for the last four yeers, ever since I was born baisickly.

If yew are reeding this plees join in, becos it is for helping peepl with cancer who mite be feeling fed up, not well and wishing that they could hacktherly go owtside evry day as well. We (Mum and ‘I’) awlays do this to rimmember my nanna Sylvia, who went over the rainbow bridge becos of stewpid cancer, when she haddent even had a charnss to meet me. She was a very speshl person and is the reesun why this hole thing ever started.

Sow far from evry day in may we have raysed over aity thowsun powns!!!! This yeer we want to smash it to over ay hundred thowsun! That is why we need yor bums on the seets. Yew know yew want to – downt furget I will love yew forrever, witch is a gifft in itself.

Thank yew for lissunning.

I awlreddy love yew.

Scowt XXX

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