Why Every Day in May?

Every Day in May exists because of my gorgeous mum, Sylvia Haeger.
Sally Pinnegar
Director, fitnaturally Ltd
One of the few precious photos I have of my mum.
I started Every Day in May in 2012 as a fundraiser for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity because my Mum, Sylvia, was looked after by them at the end of her life and their care was outstanding. In the event's first two years we raised £40,000 for The Royal Marsden, which I know my Mum would have been over the moon about.
My mum was amazing; she was an inspiration in so many ways. Very sociable, sensitive, intelligent, optimistic, sometimes a romantic dreamer, and such an advocate of us children (she had quite a few of us) She instilled in us a lot of belief in our own abilities and attributes and gave us freedom to develop and grow as individuals. She was strict about manners and other old fashioned stuff but didn't stifle us at all. To me she was perfect and I'll always keep an inspirational vision of her in my mind as long as I live.

When she had, and was dying of, cancer she never made us feel sad or talked about it in a sad way, she just got on with the treatment and lived her life in-between. This was 32 years ago, and back then there was very little emotional support for cancer patients, I imagine she was suffering emotionally but had nobody professional to talk to about it. She died of ovarian cancer, which they call the silent killer because it's often quite symptomless until it's too late; it's worth being aware of the symptoms and keeping it in mind if you're a woman.

My mum died relatively young, in her fifties, but she left a great legacy in her children and grandchildren and I think we've done her proud. So mum, if you're reading this, thank you, and we love and still miss you very much. xxx

Since then our event has supported InterAct Stroke Support and from 2015 Dimbleby Cancer Care has been our ongoing charity partner. As at May 2016 we have raised more than £80,000 in total.

This year we have had a sad loss in our family, my brother's wife has just lost her life to motor neurone disease only five months after diagnosis so I will be raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association this time. Scout, the fitnat collie is carrying on the good work for Dimbleby Cancer Care.


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